Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS Setup

This is a basic write up on how to install Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. I am using a virtual machine on my Proxmox server but installing on physical hardware or other virtual machines should be the same process.

-Insert the CD/DVD or load the ISO image file. Boot the machine to the CD or ISO image.

-Select language and press enter.

-Select Keyboard configuration. Select Done.

-Select Ubuntu installation type. Select Install Ubuntu.

-Select your network interface device and select Done.

-Configure Proxy if needed. If you have a proxy you should know what information to enter here. If you don’t have a proxy or know what it is just leave blank and select Done.

-Leave this default unless you want to use another archive. Select Done.

-Select “Use An Entire Disk and Set Up LVM”. You can also just select “Use An Entire Disk” or “Manual” however, LVM (Logical Volume Management) will make things like resizing active partitions or partition migration easier in the future.

-Select the disk you want to install Ubuntu on. If you have one disk select that otherwise if you have multiple disks select the disk you want.

-Just click Done unless you need a different filesystem type.

-Click Continue if you are ready to erase and install to the disk selected.

-Enter in your information. Name, Server Name (Lowercase alphanumeric), Administrator username and Password.

-For a base install just scroll to the bottom and click Done. if you would like to try some of these preconfigured options select them with space.

-Wait for installation to complete.

-Once Installation is complete select reboot.

-When you get to this message you will need to remove the CD/DVD from the drive or unmount your ISO image if doing this virtually.

You may get to a login screen but wait a few seconds until it is finished loading the SSH HOST KEY FINGERPRINTS.

Then you will be able to login and you are done. A fully operational Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS installation.

Here is a video of the complete tutorial.