Enable HTTPS on Tiny Tiny RSS

Login to the Tiny Tiny RSS server with putty.

-Enable SSL on Apache

sudo a2enmod ssl

Create a config file for the Tiny Tiny RSS site based on the default ssl config.

-Navigate to the config folder

cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/

-Copy the default-ssl.conf to the new ttrss-ssl.conf

cp default-ssl.conf ttrss-ssl.conf

-Edit the new config

sudo nano ttrss-ssl.conf

-Edit Virtual Host from _default_:443 to FQDN:443. Change FQDN to what your servers name is

<VirtualHost rss.example.com:443>

-Edit the document root to the directory with your ttrss installation files.

DocumentRoot /var/www/html/tt-rss

-Enable the site for HTTPS

sudo a2ensite ttrss-ssl.conf

-And thats all you need to do to enable HTTPS for Tiny Tiny RSS. In the future I will show you how to use nginx as a proxy and get some real certs from LetsEncrypt. For now you will be using self signed certs which are fine for an internal site.