Connecting Via SSH

Now lets connect to the deck from our windows PC. First lets download and install WinSCP this is the application we will use to connect to the Deck to see the SD card and the Internal Memory. It makes it easy to transfer files. Before we launch WinSCP we need to know the IP address of the Deck. To do this while still in desktop mode in the Konsole type

ip address

the output of this command should say something like

2: wlan0 some junk......
   more junk
   inet more junk

In my case my ip address is this ip is what we will use in WinSCP

Launch WinSCP on your windows machine. You should be greeted with a login page. Make sure File Protocol is SFTP then enter your IP in the Host Name field. Port Number should be 22. Username should be “deck” and password should be wat you set earlier in this guide. It should look something like this..

Then simply click login. You may be presented with a warning like below. This is just making sure the identity of the device you are connecting to is correct. Click Add if you are connecting for the first time and if you have connected in the past you might have an update button if so just click that.

You will then be presented with the WinSCP window which will look like this..

The Left hand pane is your local PC the right hand pane is the steam deck file system. We will use this tool later when we need to add Roms or other files to the steam deck. For now we are done with WinSCP.