UFOs Sandy Utah 03/12/2022 @ 11:35

Just wanted to post what I saw in the sky while my memory is fresh. So I went out to smoke in my back yard and since the sky is perfectly clear, I was looking at the stars when suddenly almost directly overhead 3 fuzzy six pointed star like objects came into view from the north. They were single file but not a perfectly straight line. They moved like they were being blown by a swift wind but there was no wind. They were glowing blue with a white haze surrounding them. From my vantage point I had about a 60 or 70 degree view of the sky from north to south and watched them traverse that distance in maybe 5 seconds or so. They weren’t like streaking the sky but they were very swiftly moving and slightly realigning themselves to maintain a somewhat straight line. They faded into the south and I lost sight of them. I couldn’t tell you the altitude but I would guess that it was not that high perhaps the height of what an emergency medical helicopter might be flying or so. There was absolutely no sound and nothing really else of note in the environment.