This Should Make for a Good Video!

Original iPhone

Original iPhone

Ahh the original iPhone. I have had this phone for quite a while obviously… It was my daily driver for a few years and has also been my 3 year old’s play phone. I am currently unable to restore or turn it on so I’m thinking possibly a battery replacement might allow for it to work. So stay tuned this will be a video soon. I have already ordered the battery so wish me luck!

Getting Ready to Film First Video of 2019

Just setting up what I need to film video number one of 2019. This video will be a PC build of a Windows 3.11 / DOS 6.22 machine. This video series will consist of 8 computer builds and future testing. Since I have 8 to build I will be naming after the planets of the solar system starting with Mercury. Go to this page to see the specs and other details.

Hope to have this completed in a couple days.