I’m still here

Its been since April since I have updated this site but I am going to start trying to keep up with it again.

What I am up to currently…

Work has been crazy lately and obviously this takes priority.

School is also a thing I am still contending with. This takes time out of my week but I am nearly half way done. Soon I will be a scientist!

I have been making new videos on my YouTube channel. I am trying to build an audience so If you watch any of them make sure to like and subscribe.

Future Plans and Projects

I am currently working on learning Japanese for my trip to Japan in mid February 2020. It’s a difficult language to master but I am improving daily.

In addition to learning the language for my trip I also need to get in shape so I can get naked for the onsen. I don’t want to be the fat American.

I am working on my gaming backlog which I have over 700 games needing to be finished. I have decided that anytime I play a game I need to live stream it. This kills 2 birds with one stone as it give me more videos for my channel as well as cutting into my backlog.

I am also working on modding my gaming consoles and filming the process of this. Basically I am going to thrift shops and picking up old consoles to mod and repair. I plan I making a complete set of consoles that are modded and put them in transparent shells (Which are hard to find)

I plan on continuing my Windows PC series which will include Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, and 8.1. I plan I testing software and benchmarks of games etc. I finally have a way to record video from VGA so this can continue.

In Conclusion

I will slowly be building this website with other videos and posts about things I do and discover. Hopefully this site will eventually be helpful to someone in the future. But mostly I like having this site to keep a journal of cool things. Stay tuned for more content!